Integrated Ecosystem Experiments to Advance Earth System Predictability

March 21 – March 24, 2022


This workshop will explore how novel manipulation experiments can address major limitations to Earth System predictability within terrestrial ecosystems. The approach will be question-focused to identify the most compelling ecosystems and global change questions at this critical juncture in Earthโ€™s and human history. Questions will be prioritized by potential impact and their capacity to reduce uncertainty in our scientific understanding and Earth System Model predictions. Project design to maximize mechanistic understanding and broad inference from an experiment will also be explored. Key outcomes from the workshop will be the initiation of a community discussion, and an ORNL report and potential publication detailing priority questions, manipulation experiments, and project design.

Some overarching guiding questions to consider in advance of and during the meeting are:

General Agenda

Day 1: Ecosystem experiments & Earth system predictability

Day 2: Key knowledge gaps in press environmental change and ecosystem functional responses

Day 3: Key knowledge gaps in pulse environmental change, extreme events and ecosystem structural responses

Day 4: Integrated ecosystem experiments’ project design